How to Uninstall GarageBand From PC 


Follow the guide to Uninstall GarageBand From Windows PC!

You must be using MacOS to run GarageBand on your PC. So no matter if you’re using a Mac computer or a normal PC, you can uninstall the app by following the steps mentioned below: 

  • First of all, you have to drag the app to the trash. You will have to tap on the icon of GarageBand and then put it into the trash. While the main application will be deleted already, you have to get rid of other information associated with the app as well. 
  • You can enter “~/Library” in the Finder’s search bar. You will be required to click on the Finder Icon in the dock. In case that’s too much work, you can either press Cmd + Tab to find and activate your Finder application. 
  • Now that you have entered this file, you will be required to delete all kinds of information including Application Script, Caches, Container, and Preferences. You can select all the files in the folder by tapping Cmd + A. Then you have to right-click the selected files and send them to the recycle bin. 
  • Now you can empty the trash and all the information will be removed permanently from your computer. 

Just like that, you will uninstall GarageBand from your computer. As you can see, the process is quite simple. But it’s a little bit different with MacOS when compared with a normal PC. Therefore, you should watch your steps carefully while uninstalling this application. 


Q1: Is this application meant just for fun or can serious music be made here? 

For starters, it can be a lot of fun as well. But if you seriously want to create music, that’s a possibility too. The range of features is so wide that it will work well for the starters as well as the experienced people. If you’re disciplined enough, you will learn a lot from GarageBand. 

Q2: How often is this application required to be updated? 

It depends upon when the developers will come up with the latest version of the application. It usually takes a while for them to update GarageBand. You shouldn’t wait too long to update the app as it is going to make your experience much smoother while making the music on this platform. 

Q3: Which operating system will work the best with GarageBand? 

Generally, you should be using MacOS or iOS to use this platform. Since the developers have made this application for these two operating systems, it will work great for you. There’s always an option to make music on your PC too but you will have to create the atmosphere of a MacOS first before you can start using the app. 

Q4: Which source will work the best if I want to download GarageBand? 

Garageband can be downloaded from the App Store of your Apple device. If you’re using a PC instead, you will find several other options to download this platform. If you’re using a MacBook, the GarageBand website will be best suited to download the application. It will be a similar process for PC as well since it’s going to act as a MacOS to run the app. 

Q5: What are the advantages of using GarageBand? 

First of all, you can learn music from the very basics here. If you haven’t ever tried producing music in the past, it will still work nicely for you. All you need to do is understand how its features work and how it can help you produce good music. The discipline on your part can provide you with huge benefits in the times to come. 

Q6: What does GarageBand do? 

It can be described as a DAW, which means a digital audio workstation. If you look around music in this day and age, that’s how most of the songs are made and reach the top of Global charts. GarageBand provides the ability to record sounds, create sounds, and then manipulate and edit them into a song. 

Q7: How much time will it take to download GarageBand? 

The size of GarageBand is somewhere around the 1GB mark. At present, it is 800 MB in size but it will continue to go up with updates. You should use a strong internet connection to download this platform! 

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