Best GarageBand Alternatives for Windows 


Check out the Best GarageBand Alternatives For Windows PC!

While GarageBand is a great platform to make music, it doesn’t work on all Windows devices. Since it’s a tough job to download this app to Windows in the first place, some of you might like to consider an alternative for it. There are various software that can be used instead of GarageBand for making music.

GarageBand Alternatives for Windows 

We are going to take a look at these apps one by one here: 

  • Cakewalk 

If you’re searching for a music production that’s comprehensive just like GarageBand, Cakewalk is going to be the right choice. You can look at any free DAW but there are very few of the apps that provide as many features as Cakewalk. 

Some of the features include plugins with compressors, reverbs, EQs, and other mastering tools like limiters and multiband compressors. The application has been built with the help of the “Skylight” interface. Therefore you can trust it to provide you with one of the best GUI as well. If we are talking about like-for-like replacement, Cakewalk will work great when compared with GarageBand. 

  • Akai MPC Beats 

You can check some of the full-priced DAWs and their features will match with MPC Beats to a huge extent. The range of features and functionalities is massive on this platform. Some of the features included here are multi-track recording, AU, and VST support. 

So if you want to make beats and grooves without any cost, you should go for MPC Beats. With 2GB of samples and sounds, things work well on MPC Beats. You have a stock of around 80 plugins that consist of compressors, echo/delay/reverb, EQ, software synthesizers, and more. 

  • Tracktion Waveform Free 

If you’re an enthusiast producer who wants to learn how to produce music at a great pace, Traction Waveform works fine. 

If you want to buy a pro version later, it is important to start with a platform that helps you understand music. Traction Waveform does exactly that for you, giving you the keys to much of the castle already. The track count is unlimited, and so is the ability to add popular VSTs. Apart from this, you get automation features, a drum sampler, and a synth bundled in on this platform. With a highly addictive interface, things are going to occur at a solid pace. 

  • Magix Musicmaker 

This is an amazing music production software that is going to be available at both 32 as well 64 bits. It comes with all the necessary tools that a new producer would desire to have. The best part is that it is free of cost, much like GarageBand. 

With a huge load of features coming your way, Magix Musicmaker is going to set things straight for you in a grand way. It comes to you with a stack of free studio-quality instruments and VST plugins. 

There’s a feature called “Soundpool” on this platform, which allows you to access their selection of loops, sounds, samples, and other sonic flavors. 

  • OHM Studio 

As of now, OHM Studio has not made a huge mark around. But it is safe to say that it is one of the most underrated alternatives to GarageBand. This is a music production app that allows multiple people to work at the same time. 

It provides super easy collaborations in a very useful manner. You have a chat box here that allows you to chat while producing the music. It also comes with VST plugins and allows drag and drop audio from saved files or other sessions. The interface is clean and smooth, guaranteeing an amazing and addictive experience on this app. 

  • Tracktion Waveform 

Last but not least, we are going to talk about a GarageBand alternative that was released with huge expectations in the marketplace. It was because the developers claimed to offer more capabilities than most enthusiast producers will ever need. 

The application has lived up to the promise ever since, coming off as a stepping stone to get you to eventually buy the “Pro” version. It comes to you with unlimited track counts, the ability to add popular VSTs, automation features, a drum sampler, and a synth bundled in. All in all, it can be considered a complete application to start producing music. 

Conclusion: Garageband Alternatives for PC

So if you’re not able to download GarageBand, you can go for any of the apps that we have mentioned here. They are free, boast many amazing features, and will lead you on an exciting music journey! 

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